Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Hey, maybe if I put this out in the interwebs I'll finally keep them!  You think not?  Well it is worth a shot.

1.  Go back to Tai Chi and keep at it!

2.  Take better care of myself and that includes doing what my Naturapathic Doctor tells me to do.

3.  Lose weight...of course this one is always on my list, but my initial goal is to lose 20 pounds before my 50th birthday on March 29, 2015.

4.  Establish routines to keep my house clean.  I might follow or someone else, but those routines need to be set in stone.

5.  Along with #4 I'm going to make my kids also establish routines.  They're all close to moving out age and they need to know this stuff!

6.  Finish my competent communicator book in Toastmasters.  I need this for my resume.

7.  Try to keep up with this blog.  I really want the recorded history of how I survived my divorce!

8.  Learn to stick with my budget, pay off my credit cards and then stop using them.

9.  Get enough sleep each night.

10.  Enjoy my time with my kids, say "yes" more often and remember that there are very few years left of them living with me.

I know that these look like standard resolutions that nearly everyone makes each year.  Since I've just left my husband and moved to a new place I feel that I have the best opportunity to start life anew.  I'll keep you updated on how well I manage this!

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