Monday, May 4, 2015

Killing spiders and other things your husband used to do

My new place has a lot of spiders, they seem to be appearing on a daily basis.  I finally decided to take to the internet and I was told that spraying a mixture of tea tree essential oil and water in the areas where they commonly go would get rid of them.  I tried that four weeks ago and the spider population has diminished greatly.

This is good...really really good.

All spiders who dare to enter my home get the death judge, no jury.  I found a spider that had killed and wrapped up another spider.  I asked my older daughter whether that should get him a stay of execution, she said no, "It's a spider and it must die."  I asked my younger daughter whether I should kill a spider that kills spiders.  She thought I should take it outside...I asked for volunteers for that and there weren't any.  So the spider who was nesting in a corner of the ceiling had to meet Mr. Vacuum.

This brings me to my does the newly single person deal with the things her ex used to do?
Recently my washing machine was leaking.  I knew water was coming out from under it, but not where it was coming from.  Finally, with help from my son, I pulled it away from the wall and discovered that the leak was coming from the attachment to the faucet.  I took it off, took the washer out and took it to my local hardware store where I found a new one for 99 cents.  I put the new washer in and reattached the hose.  Voila!  No more leak.  That felt really good.

I miss not being able to just tell Ex there is a problem with something and him taking care of the issue.  I don't miss him.  I'm enjoying discovering my own abilities, knowledge and YouTube videos.  With that, I don't need to keep Ex around.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Get it Right

For months now when Ex has emailed me he has complained that his "family left" him.  Recently he emailed my BFF the same thing.  All along I thought he meant his own family, mother, brothers and sisters.  However when I read the email he sent to my BFF I realized, he means the kids and me.  Now if he wants to go around telling everyone that I left him then fine, honestly, that is exactly what I did.

HOWEVER, his kids did NOT.

Yes, the kids moved with me.  Yes the kids are now living with me.  They are all of an age to decide for themselves where they want to live and never once did any of them express a desire to stay with their father.  Honestly, I think it was more the desire to live in town rather than 20 miles into the sticks that made them want to live with me.  Shortly after I left Ex decided it was "too painful" to live in our house and has since been living "homeless under a bridge" in his words, but I'm assuming in his car.  The kids don't want to live like that.

He still hasn't seen the kids since early December.  Now that I know he is blaming the kids for leaving him I'm livid.  I wish he'd act like an adult.